Monday, 23 September 2013

Spurn ...

Files are uploaded and waiting for review.
Nerves increasing.
Spurn - A Walker Saga Book Two should be released this week :)

I thought I was nervous when I hit the publish button on First World, but with Spurn ... in some ways it feels worse.

No one knew about First World, there were no expectations, and no one cared about the storyline. But now people want to know what's going to happen, they are invested in parts of the story and I'd hate to let them down.

I guess that is part of the challenge in writing a seven book series.

I love the way it starts; an insight into Talina and the world of Spurn. It's like a breath before we dive straight back into the action with Abby. And the ending ... hmmm all I ask is please don't hate me (well not for too long anyways).

I'll be back to update when it's live on Amazon.

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